Holme Valley Music Centre

Music Centre Leader - Mrs P France.

Music Centre Coordinator - Miss R Denny


Holme Valley Music Centre is a fabulous environment for all musicians (young & old) to develop their talent. There are groups available for the complete novice to the highly skilled. With the wonderful support of our Parents Association we also offer a great tuck shop and refreshments for all who visit. So come along to make music, join in and have fun!

Holme Valley Music Centre operates every Saturday morning in school term time at Holmfirth High School, Heys Road, Holmfirth.  HD9 7SE


Our groups:

9.00am - 10.00am Big Band with Mr P Garlick
9.00am - 10.00am Adult Percussion with Miss C Stephens & Mr P Needham
9.00am - 10.00am Junior Guitars with Ms G Eady
9.00am - 10.15am Intermediate Wind Band with Mr S Yates
9.00am - 10.15am Senior Strings with Mrs C Kelly
10.15am - 11.30am Senior Band with Mr P Garlick
10.15am - 11.30am Intermediate Guitars with Mrs S Broadbent
10.15am - 11.30am Senior Guitars with Ms G Eady
10.30am - 11.30am Junior Strings with Mrs C Kelly & Mr W Mace
10.30am - 11.30am Junior Band with Mr S Yates
10.30am - 11.30am Recorder Band with Mrs Greenwell
11.30am - 12.30am Pop Choir with Mr P Needham
4.30pm - 5.30pm Percussion Ensemble



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We offer great performance opportunities.  Details can be found in our Newsletter at the bottom of the page.


We look forward to seeing you, to play with our groups on Saturdays or to support any of our events.

Junior Strings - Mrs C Kelly

Our Junior string group consists of around 40 pupils, with abilities ranging from new starters to grade 3. They’re a great group of children who get on really well with each other and are incredibly enthusiastic and eager to learn new pieces. All the children are very loyal to the group and some of them have been in Junior Strings since they started playing 2 or 3 years ago. It is lovely to see how they all progress through each section of the group.

The aim of this group is learning through fun and we often have quiz and joke time to liven up the session. For the last 2 years our group has taken part in the mass Junior Strings group at our Annual Showcase concert and have in the past also participated in the National Festival for Music for Youth. All the children who have participated in these events have absolutely loved it!


Senior Strings - Mrs C Kelly

 Our Senior string group consists of about 25 pupils, with abilities ranging from grade 3 to Grade 8. They are a dedicated group of musicians who work very hard whilst still enjoying making music. The group enjoys playing a diverse repertoire from film and Pop music, to Mozart and Debussy. We aim to assist the students in furthering their musical development allowing them the opportunity of playing challenging and inspirational music written or arranged specifically for string ensemble. The Senior Strings group has taken part in the Regional National Festival for Music for Youth for several years in addition to the concerts for Holme Valley Music Centre, the highlight of which is our annual Proms concert where the senior strings join forces with the Senior Wind Band to create our own fantastic orchestra.

Holme Valley Junior Guitars - Ms G Eady

Holme Valley Music Centre Junior Guitars is the entry level group at music centre for all our young budding guitarists. Pupils can join after only a term or so of lessons or as soon as they become confident on their first few notes. The music is tailored to everyone's ability level and everyone is welcome.


We play a mixture of well known pieces and others specially written for the guitar in ensemble. It's a fun, friendly environment for first time ensemble players. We have lots of opportunities to perform including music centre concerts and the Regional Festival of Music for Youth. All of which encourage the players to do their best and achieve their potential. A real highlight is the music centre's Christmas concert where pupils and parents alike enjoy what is for some their first ever public performance. Jingle Bells is always a real treat!


There is no better place to come and play guitar on a Saturday!

Holme Valley Music Centre Intermediate Guitars - Mrs S Broadbent 

Intermediate guitar ensemble is the next step after juniors, though a few members choose to participate in both groups which follow on from each other with a tuck shop break between. We have currently 23 members who range in age from 9 to 17 yrs and we welcome new players of all ages. Our members are generally between grade 1 and 4 playing standard. The music we play is often in three or more parts, each part being tailored to suit the different levels.  We aim to have fun as we explore different musical styles and techniques, to build confidence and to rise to new challenges.


Holme Valley Music Centre Senior Guitars - Ms G Eady

Holme Valley Music Centre Senior Guitars are the most advanced guitar players at the music centre. They are grade four level and upwards with many of the players being grade six, seven and eight level. These players have often joined the music centre at a very young age and worked their way through the groups, but new members are always welcome. We perform regularly in competitions and local concerts. We have a special HVMC guitar concert in the summer term where the senior guitars perform and members of the group split down into smaller ensembles and soloists to perform what is definitely at one of the highlight evenings of the year for us.


Last year we took the Intermediate and Senior guitars to Craig Ogden's "Big Guitar Weekend" at the Bridgewater Hall in Manchester, where the students were able to see the great virtuoso perform and had the opportunity to work with him at a hands on workshop where he directed them in a performance. Truly inspirational for all concerned.


In 2009 a quartet from the Senior Group played at a showcase concert at the World Youth Guitar Festival, and last year some attended a guitar study day in Sandbach with Xue-Fei Yang. This year five of our advanced pupils will be attending a day with Gary Ryan. An international performer and composer and tutor at the Royal College of Music.


At Holme Valley Music Centre we aim to nurture the pupils' interest in guitar and encourage a love of the instrument that will last a lifetime.

Holme Valley Music Centre Pop Choir - Mr P Needham

Pop Choir runs from 11.30 till12.30 in the Drama Studio and is open to anybody of any age including parents.

The sessions are fun and very active and aim to develop singing skills however good (or bad) you think you are! We sing a variety of pop songs old and new from Michael Jackson to Jesse J, from traditional popular songs from around the world to Rock and Hip Hop.

Pop Choir is also valuable for developing general musicianship and aural skills that are so important to being a well rounded musician.

So if you fancy singing your heart out, busting some moves and raising your spirits then please feel free to join us - or at least come along and give it a try!

Holme Valley Music Centre Big Band - Mr P Garlick

Our Big Band enjoys performing a wide range of music, from Latin and rock jazz to classic swing and vocal charts.  If you enjoy playing this kind of music come and join us on Saturdays - 9.00am - 10am.  All welcome. 


Holme Valley Music Centre Senior Wind Band - Mr P Garlick

Our Senior Band plays a mixed repertoire ranging from film and show scores to military band pieces. The band is open to players who are of grade 4 standard upwards on brass, woodwind or percussion instruments.

New players are always welcome. Come along and give us a try.

Holme Valley Music Centre Intermediate Wind Band - Mr S Yates

Our Intermediate Band plays a mixed repertoire ranging from film and show scores to military band pieces. The band is open to players who are between grades 2 & 4 standard on either brass, woodwind or percussion instruments.

New players are always welcome. Come along and give us a try.

Holme Valley Music Centre Junior Wind Band - Mr S Yates

Our Junior Band plays a mixed repertoire of easier band music ranging from film, show and military band style pieces. The band is open to players who are from beginner to approximately grade 2 standard on brass, woodwind or percussion instruments.

New players are always welcome. Come along and give us a try.

Holme Valley Music Centre Recorder Band - Mrs J Greenwell

Our new recorder band is a new group set up to provide an extra ensemble experience for all Key Stage 2 recorder players.  We can cater for all levels and aim to play popular, lively pieces as well as more traditional recorder repertoire.  All Key Stage 2 recorder players are welcome.  Just come along and join in the fun!